Occhii Spring-Summer 2020 Collection.

Occhii, founded by Leonid Batekhin and Ilona Davidoff, is a New York-based line whose philosophy lies in bridging sustainability with tradition, the beauty of the imperfect and the “out of place”. Occhii works with deadstock, organic, recycled, natural and renewable materials.

For Spring Summer 2020 Occhii is introducing a capsule of unique unreplicable “One of One” pieces. The capsule’s key material is rejected shawls from Russia’s Pavlov Posad Shawl Manufactory, labeled “industrial waste”. These shawls, or shawl offcuts, have accidental pigment stains, misaligned prints, and other defects that occurred during the production process and made the shawls “unusable”. 

  Occhii has repurposed the shawls into unique pieces of clothing, where no two pieces are identical.